What Are the Benefits of Green Roofs?

A green roof isn’t a roof with green shingles. It’s a roof made of organic plant material, a living, sustainable solution to your roofing needs.

Whether you’ve never heard of a green roof or have been considering one for a while, you need to be well informed before you decide to install one on your home or office building.

Here are some of the best benefits of green roofs to help you decide what kind of roof is best for your needs.

“Green” Roofs

Traditionally, green roofs are called that because the plants make them green in color. Yet they are also environmentally friendly, creating both a pun and one of the biggest reasons to install this type of roof.

The environmental benefits of green roofs aren’t new. Some European cities have had green roofs for 50 years or more because of their eco-friendly properties. Green roofs also provide stable ecosystems, which serve as a habitat for wildlife.

The Many Benefits of Green Roofs

You may expect to read an article listing off the 5 benefits of a green roof, but there are a lot more than that! One of the best ones is that green roofs help cities battle urban heat islands.

An urban heat island is the tendency for a highly-populated area to generate and retain heat because of the human activity. Cities tend to be much hotter than the areas around them which aren’t as densely inhabited. Green roofs can help keep this effect at bay.


You’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills when you install a green roof. The organic material keeps your building better insulated than other roofing materials like metal or traditional shingles.

Another of the economic benefits of green roofs is the tax breaks. These and other incentives associated with green roofs are new to America in the last ten years or so, accompanying other green initiatives like solar power.

Health Benefits

A green roof is home to many plants, which give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This is especially important to help cleanse the air we breathe. It can make a big difference in cities and places with large populations.

Of all the green roof benefits, this one is very important. Now you can have plants on top of your home, not just in it, to help purify the air and improve breathability. This benefit extends to the other homes or buildings around you, improving the health of the neighborhood.

On top of an office building, green roofs help reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing. The roof is a soothing green space where employees can take breaks and feel rejuvenated during the workday. Green roofs also help reduce noise in an area, which can contribute to a less stressful atmosphere.


Green roofs last up to twice as long as a traditional roof. The sustainability of green roofs is another great reason to install one, especially if you’re sick of finding leaks in your traditional roof.

There are infrastructure benefits, too, like slowing the path of rain. Because the stormwater systems aren’t overwhelmed all at once, you’re less likely to experience flooding.

Roof Repair

If you’re looking into roof repair, consider the benefits of green roofs. When your old roof is due for a replacement, green roofs can provide all of the above benefits, from health and wellness to a sustainable solution for the future.

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