Can I Have a Green Rooftop on My House?

green rooftop

There are more than 1 million square feet of green roofs in Washing D.C. alone, according to a study by the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities association. What was started in Europe has spread across the world, a fight for a healthier climate, starting with our homes and businesses.  Green roofs come with a multitude … Read more

What Are Green Roofs Made Of?

green roofs

Green roofs are not a choice of color but a choice of lifestyle!  Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular, especially with people who love nature as well as with businesses that are paying more and more attention to the ecological system of our world. They provide many benefits such as improving air quality, encouraging settlement of wildlife, slowing water … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Green Roofs?

benefits of green roofs

A green roof isn’t a roof with green shingles. It’s a roof made of organic plant material, a living, sustainable solution to your roofing needs. Whether you’ve never heard of a green roof or have been considering one for a while, you need to be well informed before you decide to install one on your … Read more