6 of the Best Roof Types for a Hot Climate

Did you know certain roof materials could help your home stay cool? This is important to know if you live in a warm climate or experience hot summers as we do here in Ohio.

On the other hand, a poorly maintained roof or certain materials can drive up your energy costs. Here’s a quick guide to the best type of roof material for our climate.

1. Terra Cotta or Ceramic Tile

Terra Cotta is a popular choice in many regions of the country and for good reason. These Spanish-style tiles are designed specifically to withstand intense heat and the baking sun. They’re used throughout Spain and Italy where the sun can get intense.

The tiles are baked in a high-degree oven or kiln. They’re then molded into a distinctive half-barrel shape, which allows for better air and water circulation. In turn, this prevents heat from being captured so your house stays cooler.

2. Concrete or Slab Tile

If you want similar cooling properties without the high price, concrete or slab tile is a good option. They can be dyed to match or complement the color of your house. S-tiles are the most energy-efficient.

Concrete tiles are usually arranged in a wave pattern to allow for easier airflow and cooler roof surface.  

3. EPDM Membranes

EPDM Membrane is called “rubber roofing” it’s actually made out of a synthetic rubber-like substance. The complicated scientific name is ethylene propylene diene monomer so you can see why it’s commonly referred to as EPDM.

EPDM is designed to repel UV radiation. It’s also coated with titanium dioxide, which promotes heat reduction. Not only does this give the material a light color, it also reflects light and heat.

4. Metal Roof

Metal roofs fell out of favor for a few decades, but it’s recently experienced resurgence. Today the most common materials are aluminum, copper, and steel. If you’re environmentally conscious, you might be interested to know that aluminum roofs are often made from recycled soda cans. 

The roof is more energy-efficient and promotes cooling by keeping space between the metal panels and the decking. This becomes a thermal barrier, blocking heat from the roof and preventing it from getting into the house.

5. White Barrel “S” Tile

White barrel “S” tiles are ideal for hot and humid climates. They’re commonly used in Florida so you know they can withstand heatwaves in Ohio. They’re made from concrete and because they’re white, they reflect the sun to keep heat out. 

They look a lot like terra cotta tiles and are assembled in a similar fashion, but actually reflect solar rays 40% better.

6. White Flat Tile

This tile is made of ceramic, elastomeric material, or a mixture of fibers and cement. Like the barrel tiles, the white color helps reflect the sun’s rays. In fact, the flat design can reduce heat by as much as 70%. 

Keep Cool With the Right Roof

Your choice of roof material makes a lot of difference in keeping your home cool. The best type of roof will also help reduce energy costs, which is good for your budget. 

If you live anywhere in Ohio, we can provide expert roof repair or replacement. Contact us for a quote.