5 Roof Storm Damage Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Storm damage can be hard to back bounce from. 

Windows can be broken, and trees can litter your yard. The heavy rain, harsh winds, and potential debris can cause a lot of damage to a house. One of the most dangerous types of damages is roof damage.

To avoid any sort of damage, you’ll need to do lots of preparation. Go ahead and head to your local hardware store to pick up some tools and supplies.

We’re here to offer some help by providing 5 roof storm damage prevention tips. They may take some work, but it’s worth it. 

1. Trim the Trees

One of the quickest ways to have your roof damaged is from a fallen tree branch. To prevent having to do too many storm damage roof repairs, trim the trees above your home.

This can get to be dangerous so make sure you take all steps needed for safety. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and watch your step on your roof or ladder. 

2. Inspect Your Roof

To make minimize future damage, get your roof inspected to point out current damage. For example, there might be damage from past hailstorms so fix the shingles now before another storm.

If you’re able to, you can do the inspection yourself. You can also hire someone to complete the inspection.

3. Waste No Time

If there’s roof damage after a storm, one of the worst things you can do is waste time making repairs. Get things repaired before any future storms. 

It can be expensive to make repairs so as a homeowner, create an emergency savings account specifically for repairs. You can also keep extra supplies around to do your own quick repairs when needed. 

4. Remove Existing Debris 

Spend some time to clean out your gutters, and remove any debris already on your roof. This can include clearing off any big branches or piles of leaves that have fallen. 

Piles of wet debris can lead to molding, and branches can knock off shingles. While some of that might happen during a storm, it’s always best to at least reduce the chances of it happening. 

5. Check Out the Chimney

A chimney flashing helps make sure your tiny space between your roof and chimney is watertight. This will keep water from leaking down your chimney during a storm.

You might also want to strap down a tarp on the top of your chimney to help prevent water damage. 

Avoid Roof Storm Damage With the Above Tips

Roof storm damage can cause a world of trouble for your home and wallet. Take all prevention measures possible and follow the above tips. We are here to help keep your roof safe.

Make sure to trim all trees surrounding your house, and remove all current debris on your roof. Carefully inspect the current state of your roof, and perform any necessary repairs. If there is damage, waste no time in fixing it. 

Are you in need of roof repair in Ohio? Find an expert near you. They’ll be sure to give your roof the attention it needs.