5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Type of Roof

Are you in the market for a new roof?

You will notice that this huge decision comes with a number of options, including metal, rubber, concrete, and clay. Many people do not even know where to begin in making this decision. 

Keep reading to learn which factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the best type of roof.

1. Climate and Weather

Your roof takes the brunt of the sun, wind, rain, and snow to protect everything inside of your home. Extreme temperatures and weather will take a toll on your roof if you do not choose the proper material.

When living in the south, where temperatures rise high into the hundreds, consider choosing a roof made of clay or metal. These materials offer heat resistance.

Metal reflects sunlight to keep a home cooler. Clay roofs make a good option for states prone to wildfires, as the material resists flame. 

Extremely cold northern states require material resilience against cold, wind, snow, and ice. Metal roofs also do well in this weather, insulating the house well and preventing leakages from heavy snow piling up. Asphalt can also withstand freezing temperatures and hold up against the snow.

For humid climates, you need something durable and waterproof. You also need fungus resistant roofing materials, like slate or Spanish tile, as mold and mildew thrive in dampness.

2. Energy Efficiency

While some roof types may protect your home from the climate, they may damage your energy bill. For instance, asphalt roofing does well in extreme climates, but it does not offer much in terms of insulation, so the weather will affect the temperature of your home more. If you want energy efficiency, then turn towards something like metal that insulates well.

3. Aesthetics 

What look do you want for your home? Depending on the material you choose, this roof will last anywhere from 10-50 years.

While terra cotta looks gorgeous on a Spanish colonial, it will appear out of place up top vinyl siding. So keep your home design in mind when choosing between roof types.

4. Roof Pitch

Your roof pitch refers to the angle of your roof. Many roofing materials come with a range of how steep the can slant. Calculate your roof pitch before getting your heart set on a certain type of roof.

5. Cost

A roof can cost you anywhere between $4,000 to over $150,000, depending on which materials you choose. Let’s look at where some of these materials stand on a pricing scale.

At the to you find slate, which provides a beautiful appearance that can last longer than your lifetime. Solar glass will also cost a lot upfront, but potentially save you money in the long term.

For a good midpriced roofing material, you may want to consider metal or wooden shingles. A decent shingle at the lower end is asphalt. It will protect against most weather for about 20 years or so. 

Choose the Best Type of Roof for You

Every homeowner will have their own opinion on what type to choose. But, after taking in all of these considerations, only you can decide what the best type of roof is for your home.

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